Future Conflict Between India and China? What is the Siliguri Corridor


What is the Siliguri Corridor and what is its importance?

The Corridor is a narrow strip of land, just 17 km wide at its narrowest point, that connects a large region to the rest of the country, often called "Chicken's Neck".

What is China doing against India in the Corridor?

China has made moves that threaten the security of the Corridor through the construction of military infrastructure in the Chumbi Valley region. The country is strengthening its rapid mobilization capacity on the ground.

What is Bhutan's role in the dispute over the Corridor?

Bhutan is a small kingdom located between China and India, which is why it plays a crucial role in the dispute over the Corridor. Its geographical position and alliance with India make Bhutan an important player in this dispute.

How is this dispute controversial for the BRICS?

The territorial rivalry between China and India is bad. Both countries have actively pursued economic growth and regional leadership, but their clashes along disputed borders threaten to destabilize BRICS cooperation.

What are the geopolitical risks and importance of the dispute?

Isolation of the Northeast Region of India Military Climbing Regional Instability Impact on the Economy Challenges to BRICS

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