The Geopolitical Importance of Establishing Global Standards in Technology and Other Areas

What are digital standards?

Digital standards are like rules that help create technologies. They ensure that different devices and software can work together optimally.

Importance of those standards

Cooperation Quality Innovation Saving Resources  Security Adapting to Change Easy Acceptance Global Competition

How those standards are established

International Collaboration Standardization Organizations Specific Sectors Technical Discussions Iteration and Consensus Gradual Implementation

China’s influence on international digital standards

This influence manifests itself in standards-shaping International Organizations.  In these forums, the active participation of Chinese companies, such as Huawei, has been notable.An example of this was the race for dominance in the implementation of 5G technology.

8 Other Areas That Can Be Affected by the Establishment of Global Standards

Trade and Economy Health and Well-being Environment and Sustainability Professional Qualifications Legal Standards and Human Rights Infrastructure Transportation and Logistics Cybersecurity

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