What is Pink Hydrogen and Its Role in the Green Transition

What is Pink Hydrogen?

The choice of the color of hydrogen is a way to differentiate its sources. In addition to pink hydrogen, there are other colors such as green – produced through renewable energies, blue through gas, while pink raises intriguing questions as it is produced through nuclear energy.  Other existing colors, such as gray and yellow, signal more complex challenges.

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Where hydrogen can be used as an energy source

Diversification of the Energy Matrix Emission Reduction Supply Security Potential for Energy Storage Decarbonization Technological Development Low Carbon Approach Energy Self-Sufficiency Integration with Other Energy Sources Sustainable Transport

Countries with Potential for Pink Hydrogen Production

France: 70% of electricity generated in France is through nuclear power plants. Japan: Nuclear technology and a strong interest in hydrogen vehicles. South Korea: Investing in hydrogen technologies and important in the nuclear energy industry. China: Most expanding its nuclear energy production capacity with several reactors under construction. UK: Ambitious emission reduction goals exploring different forms of production, including the use of nuclear electricity.