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About Us

The Atlas Report is an online news platform dedicated to providing the public with analytical and engaging coverage of global issues. On the platform, we will try to understand and predict how geopolitics and macroeconomics affect one another. 

To do this, we’ll explore the relationships between international conflicts, domestic affairs, access to energy, human security, and monetary and fiscal policies of the major world economies. 

The Atlas Report covers news in a way that’s simple, objective, analytical, absent of ideological biases, and concerned with explaining why it is potentially important for you, society, the market and business, your country, and the world at large. 

This way, you can know why something has happened, why it’s important, and what its possible consequences are for the various national and global actors. 

In a world with an abundance of news and content, and an infinite number of platforms, our mission is to be an aggregator and interpreter of the most relevant global news. And thus, one of your main sources for trying to understand our world.


Publisher and Chief Editor: Rodrigo G de Souza

Rodrigo is a multifaceted professional with 20 years of international experience, including digital entrepreneurship, business, finance and International Relations. He was recently a trainee in the Diplomatic Service of the European Union, holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and has created websites with diverse content with more than 3.0 million views. He is politically active as a member of Volt Europe, does geopolitical analysis and has lived and worked in over 20 cities in 14 countries. He is a Brazilian/American/Portuguese citizen currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Content Producer: Lohanna Rodrigues Reis

Bachelor in International Relations, with honorable mention Cum Laude, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), dedicated to understanding the world from different perspectives and writing analyzes of the International System. She is studying an MBA in Digital Marketing at the University of São Paulo (USP). With articles published by the Army Command and Army Major School (ECEME), Lohanna also participates in the Geocurrent Bulletin of the Naval War College (EGN). She also gained experience from her voluntary exchange with AIESEC in Egypt and at the Brazilian Red Cross. In her spare time, her passion is traveling and trying new cuisines.

Content Production Intern: Talita Cardoso

Third-year student of Journalism at the São Paulo State University (Unesp). Graduated in Leisure and Recreation from the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP). She participated in Ao Vivo e Em Cores, a social project aimed at bringing education through art to public schools in Bauru, in the field of Communication. Talita is passionate about writing, especially literature, in addition to having her own blog focused on reviews of Asian movies and series, SayBaobei. As a hobby, she loves listening to music from the most varied genres and enjoying the seventh art.