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Operation “Mongoose Throw” is the Possible Name of the Russian False Flag Operation to Invade Ukraine

After analyzing the videos and pictures of the DPR/LPR (Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic) leadership, some Twitter members found out that they were in a folder called operation “Mongoose Throw” or “Mongoose Leap.”

Interesting enough, it would be a reference to the 1960’s CIA plan to overthrow Castro via false flag attacks.

Plus, both DNR and LNR leaders filmed their “civilian evacuation videos” happening on the 18th, on February 16th, as Telegram metadata shows. Denis Pushilin (Head of State of the Donetsk People’s Republic) even says today, on February 18th, while recording on the 16th.

Everything that is happening on February 16th in the Ukraine Donbas occupied region seems considerably staged. The “car bomb” explosion, civilian evacuations to Russia, staged videos, civil defense sirens turned on in Donetsk, all point to a false flag operation to justify the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces in the excuse to “defend Russian civilians.”

More information soon…

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