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UFO Report is Inconclusive: See Full Report

The US government says it has no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying objects seen by military pilots.

The famous UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are called by American intelligence agencies UAP “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” But they are commonly referred to by civilians in the US as UFOs “Unidentified Flying Objects.”

The much anticipated Pentagon report released on Friday, June 25, 2021, says that of the 144 reports made about UAPs since 2004, all but one remain unexplained.

This does not rule out the possibility that the objects are extraterrestrial. You can read the full U.S. Government UFO report here.

Congress required the report after the US military reported several instances of objects seen moving erratically in the sky, with maneuvers that defied the laws of gravity and could not be performed by any aircraft with current known technology.

The Pentagon then established the UAPTF “Unidentified Aerial. Phenomena Task Force” in August 2020 to examine the reports.

The group’s job was to “detect, analyze and catalog” these events, as well as “gain insight” into the “nature and origins” of UFOs, the Pentagon said.

Did the Pentagon’s UFO report reveal any surprises?

The interim report released Friday said that most of the 144 reported cases of “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) occurred in the past two years, after the U.S. Navy implemented a standardized reporting mechanism.

In 143 of the reported cases, they “lacked sufficient information in our data set to attribute the incidents to specific explanations.”

Crucially, it said there were “no clear indications that there is any non-terrestrial explanation” for the aircraft, but it didn’t rule it out either. In other words, the report neither confirms nor rules out the extraterrestrial origin of the flying objects.

According to the report presented to the U.S. Senate intelligence committee, the UAPs “probably lack a single explanation.” Some may be technologies from another nation like China or Russia, others may be natural atmospheric phenomena like ice crystals that can be recorded on radar systems, while the report also suggests that some may be “attributable to developments and programs classified by American entities.”

The only case they could identify “with high confidence” was identified as “a large deflating balloon,” the report said.

The report also added that UAPs represent “a clear flight safety issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security.”

The task force is now “looking for new ways to increase the collection” of reports and gather more information, adding that “additional funding” could facilitate “further study of the topics presented in this report.”

What evidence is there about UAPs/UFOs/OVINs?

The US Department of Defense released videos of the UAPs in April 2020. It said they had been filmed by the US Navy.

On an episode of CBS News 60 Minutes last month, two former Navy pilots discussed seeing an object in the Pacific Ocean that seemed to reflect their movements.

One pilot described it as a “small white object with a Tic-Tac appearance,” referring to the elliptical white bullets.

According to former Navy pilot Alex Dietrich’s testimony about the Tic-Tac, “and that’s exactly what it looked like, except that it was traveling very fast and very erratically and we couldn’t predict which way it was going to turn or how it was maneuvering the way it was, or its propulsion system.”

“It had no apparent smoke trail or propulsion. It had no apparent flight control surface to maneuver the way it was doing.”

Why is the U.S. Government’s report on UAPs/UFOs/UFOs important?

The first important fact about the report is that the United States government has confirmed that there are consistently unidentified flying objects present in American airspace.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that these objects maneuver in ways beyond what is possible with current known technology, and that they are NOT secret US projects.

With this confirmed, there would only be four explanations for the UFOs seen by the American military:

  • Russian military experiments
  • Chinese military experiments
  • objects of underwater origin
  • objects of extraterrestrial origin

The first two options are the most concerning in terms of national security for the United States. This is because, if Russia or China possess such technology, they would be “light years” ahead of the United States technologically, they could endanger U.S. military supremacy.

However, defense analysts do not believe that any country today has the technology necessary to execute the maneuvers that these flying objects performed.

So that leaves the other two explanations. One is that these objects originate from beneath the ocean or outside the planet earth. Whatever the origin, being non-terrestrial, it is a fact that the civilization that possesses it is more advanced than ours today.

However, this more modern civilization would not necessarily be a threat to humans. These aerial phenomena have been happening for several decades and there has never been any activity that could have been considered offensive. And anyway, with such advanced technology to perform such maneuvers, any current defense system of the United States or other countries, would be totally ineffective against such a civilization.

Some researchers who have not ruled out the origin of other civilizations theorize that we could be a kind of zoo for them, that they come here to observe us, but without interacting, in the same way that we go to a zoo to observe animals, but with minimal interaction.

If this is the explanation, it would be the most desirable in terms of national security, for the United States, but also for any country observing the same unidentified aerial phenomena.


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